I was originally trained as a newspaper reporter, and I consider my web work an extension of that training. My approach, then as now, is to find out what people are trying to say and communicated that efficiently and elegantly.

Columbus State website redesign – CSCC.edu

This two-year project completely redesigned and rebuilt the website for Columbus State Community College. I served as project manager for the redesign, managing a 188-line Gantt chart and coordinating work from 4 core contributors, 1 developer, 2 student workers, 2 managers, and 120 or so content contributors. I chaired a twice-weekly meeting that worked through design issues in a timely and collaborative fashion.

The new site is cleaner, focuses more sharply on prospective students, and is (finally!) mobile-responsive.


Grad School Project – ReminderX

I’m currently studying User Experience Design at Kent State University, and I conducted this redesign of a hypothetical mobile app as part of my studies.  As part of the 7-week project, I:

  • Conducted 1-1 user tests with four users (OK, these were friends of mine).
  • Synthesized findings and created design tenets to guide the redesign.
  • Created flow diagrams and wireframes of the hypothetical app.
  • Collaborated with my classmates to critique each other’s designs.

The app was a fictional to-do/reminder app called ReminderX. My insight is that people use many different methods to keep track of tasks – all of my informants used at least four methods, a mix of Word documents, Post-Its, whiteboards, calendar reminders, and unread emails. So I tried to design an app that would fit into that ecosystem and supplant some of those other methods.

Wireframes and Flow Diagrams (.pdf)