"I write for a living, but not creatively."

Here's a look at some of the things I've done, or are working on. If there's a link, you can click it to get more information -- or read that comic on the Web. Check out the Panel page for my work with Panel.


Susan Downs sold her eyes for a little bit of knowledge. Life gets weirder from there. A new series from Long Nights mixes humor, action and philosophy. From angry ghosts to celestial agriculture gods, Downs never fails to entertain.

New! Movies! We have two Downs short films under way. The first is slated for a sneak preview on April 22 at the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo. More information at I Traded My

Highway to Hell

Dirk Del Rio lived a life of sex, drugs and rock n' roll -- until they all came together on one lonely road. Raised from the dead by the love of one true fan, Dirk must save his soul -- before the devil can drag him back to Hell!

Guns of the Nightchild

Call it slacker noir. The Nightchild fights crime with two .45s and a little help from his friends.

Twisted Tots

When two evil clowns are in charge of raising a zombie children army, what do you think's going to happen? This carnival of evil is brought to you by Twisted Gate Entertainment, and based on a line of toys.

I Love You More Than Anybody

I believe in love, but I didn't put any in this book. This tale is designed to diminish all who read it. Newlyweds Ted and Allison must decide which is scarier -- breaking up, or staying together.

Blood of the Tyrant

A civilian worker in Iraq comes home with a terrible artifact -- a copy of the Koran, written in Saddam's blood! Can he profit from anything so evil?